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Carpenters Bill of
Rights & Responsibilities

Carpenter NYC

Carpenters believe that every working man and women has certain rights, but we also realize that with rights come responsibilites - and we take both seriously. Our Bill of Rights and Responsibilities tells the world what we belive in, and what we are prepared to contribute.

All Working People
Have The Right To:

NYC Carpenters
  • A good job with benefits
  • A living wage that can support a family
  • Security and dignity in work and retirement
  • A safe and secure workplace
  • Education and training to reach our full potential

With Rights Come Responsibilities:

Carpenters NYC
  • Being productive, efficient workers
  • Producing work of the highest quality-work...that we stand behind
  • Improving our communities
  • Helping fellow workers achieve safe and security in the workplace
  • Being active citizens and informed votes

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