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NYC Carpenters Union – Staten Island, NY

Local 20, Carpenters local who’s jusistiction covers all of Staten Island, Governors Island and Liberty Island. We provide journeyman carpenters and apprentices with the skills to get the job done. From concrete form work, metal and wood framing, drywall, flooring, architectural woodwork, roofing and many other skills in between our members get the proper training from our fully accredited Labor Technical College as well as qualified on the job experience

The Local 20 Carpenters’ Union, New York City District Council bargains on behalf of its members and mandates wage and benefit minimums in accordance with its collective agreements.

CarpentersOur Executive Council members, Business Representatives and Organizers all worked on the tools before dedicating their time to serving the Local 20 Carpenters’ Union. They understand and appreciate the day-to-day intensity and focus that must be brought to the job site in order to complete a project on time and on budget. We bring this same focus to the negotiating table, from the provincial level to the smallest industrial agreement.

Your Health and Safety

CarpentersAccidents can happen, even with strictest legal compliance and safest workplace practices. The Local 20 Carpenters’ Union’s commitment to your health and safety extends well beyond enforcing the standards of your collective agreement and health and safety regulations. Our Worker’s Compensation legal team and co-ordinators help you file your claim and ensure it is taken care of properly and efficiently.


Union Officers and officials of Local Union 20.

Michael Piccirillo
Christopher Sommese
Vice President
Joseph Marinaro
Recording Secretary
Robert Forster
Financial Secretary Treasurer 
James Maiorana
Ronald Stucker
John Ayad
Larry Cirillo
Executive Committee Member
Kanin Boxill
Keneth Olsen
Pam Wallace
Office Manager
Carpenters Union


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Local 20 Carpenters Union

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Phone: 718-568-4530
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E-Mail: info@local20.com

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